Bill Juillette

Freestyle Hip Hop dance demands focus and fitness. Being a successful instructor requires passion and personality.

The transition from breakdance in the 80's to today's freestyle Hip Hop was a natural progression for Bill, who's been dancing and teaching Hip Hop for over 10 years. There are few instructors in Ottawa who are able to say they were there when it all started and still going strong. Even today, Bill continues to revamp his style and mission by striving for originality and finding new ways to encourage his students - young and old - to do the same through positive reinforcement and motivation. As an instructor he pays close attention to each dancer. As a motivator and role model for his younger students, he never loses focus on the group at large to deliver a powerful class that always leaves a lasting impact.

His raw talent and vibrant energy, combined with a dynamic approach to teaching, has lead to developing a unique class atmosphere emphasizing on 3 main themes: Creativity, Physical Fitness and Communication. By creating an open forum for expression, dancers are more willing to free themselves of any inhibitions. This inevitably opens new opportunities for individual originality. A keen awareness in learning styles and motor skills development is also one of Bill's key strengths as an instructor.

From his modest beginnings in Northern Ontario, Bill has worked hard to create a diverse professional performing and teaching portfolio. He has had the privilege of working on a variety of stages with some of Ottawa's top talent: Carole Woodstock - Fitness innovator and founder of Culture Shock Canada, Stephan Klovan - Entertainment Director, Andrea Joinette - Driven Dance Company and Drea Productions. He has also produced successful workshops in an effort to promote Hip Hop to dance schools back home. He motivates himself by searching for new challenges and opportunities to teach, choreograph or perform for exciting events.

Bill is a certified group fitness instructor, triathlete and amateur photographer.




Marc-André Clément

Marc-André Clément is passionate about movement - dedicating his life to the promotion of a positive and active lifestyle.

Since 1991, he has worked in the fitness and health industry, with numerous years of competitive coaching and mentoring experience. As a physical education teacher, Elite Trainer with GoodLife Fitness Clubs and in his current role as Athletic Facilities Manager at le collège La Cité, he is known for his commitment to offering creative, high quality solutions for both active and competitive lifestyle needs.

Mesmerized by the art of movement through Hip Hop music, he has appeared on the award winning "Cardio Hip Hop" TV show, and has been the driving force behind the success of Culture Shock Canada since 1998.

As the National Executive Director of Culture Shock Canada, co-founder of Momentum Moves Canada and partner at PoliceFit Canada, Marc-André is recognized for his ability to instill leadership skills for youth and adults, by creating innovative dance and movement programs as a fitness alternative, and preaching the importance of creativity and individuality.

He is an international fitness and lifestyle presenter, a national High Five Facilitator and national ViPR Master Trainer, consultant and motivational speaker who continues to act as an ambassador to Culture Shock internationally, as well as other dance troupes and related dance, youth and fitness organizations worldwide.